Natalie Voloshchuk

Natalie Voloshchuk, a content writer in marketing and environment niches



Bachelor’s and master’s degrees in teaching English as a second language.

Natalie is a freelance writer with a focus on SEO and on-page optimization.

Her specialty is marketing and sustainability niches, with years of hands-on experience in roles like digital marketer generalist, webmaster, and Facebook advertiser.

In her free time, Natalie can be found trying to cook-fry something, testing recipes for preserving food, or tending to her organic garden.


  • Home canning
  • Frying
  • Organic gardening


  • Natalie launched her first food blog (which later became The Fryer’s Guide) in 2015.
  • She’s passionate about long-term food preservation and storage, especially home canning.
  • Her favorite cooking method is frying, and she likes trying out new frying tools and deep-fry appliances.

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